I understand that I may not always become your agent. You may already have policies and need some advice or a third set of eyes. For an hourly rate, I am able to offer you unbiased professional advice to serve as your insurance advisor.

Long term Care Insurance

I will help you review your current coverage information. I can also help review a recent proposal you have received or give you alternative ways of preparing yourself should the need arise.

Life insurance

I will review your existing life policy or go over what you are looking to purchase. Perhaps you have some options in what you have to better position the coverage, figure out ways to stop making premiums, find out when it will expire or even give you  a longer term of coverage. If you are seeking new coverage, I will let you know how much and what type to purchase.


I can help you determine if an annuity is appropriate for your current and future goals. If so, I will help find and review what is available. Do you currently own an annuity? I will review your policy and offer advice if it is worth keeping, review current fees on it if any or even how to position it better suit your needs.

Life settlements

I can help you decide whether or not it makes sense to sell your current policy.

Health Insurance

I will help you navigate the insurance marketplace under the new Affordable Care Act. I will review your situation to determine if you qualify for a federal subsidy, review coverage options and show you the plans available for you, your family or your business.

Call me today to schedule your consultation (727) 831-5669

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