Protect your loved ones

People ask me all the time what I do for work? Simply put, I give advice. I offer a personal and professional consultation regarding your insurance and financial needs.

Insurance to me is one of the most powerful means of protection you can get. All too often though, people do not know what types of insurance is available or even truly understand what it does.

The most important question you have to ask yourself is “If I die today, what will be the immediate financial burden left to my family?” Do you have a mortgage? A child that you plan on sending to college? Bills that still need to be paid? A spouse that depends on your paycheck? All of these questions may leave you wondering, what can I do to protect my family if I die?

Life insurance can be a very effective tool that will alleviate the financial burden to your family. More importantly, it can give them and yourself a peace of mind knowing that you have planned properly to care for your family when you are gone.

What about if you get injured on the job? Or off the job? Own a business that can’t function without you? A paycheck that doesn’t come f you can’t work? If these questions concern you than you need Disability Insurance.

Medicare for seniors, Insurance to pay for nursing homes, Grow up plans to help with college funding, health insurance for families…I can go on but like I said, these insurance plans are for everyone and all to better the financial situation for someone and their family. When I make a new client I am confident that I have done the right thing and that their coverage be their when it’s needed.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. Even if you have coverage, let me give you a second opinion! Confidence is great when you know you are covered. Wouldn’t you agree?
I want to be the friend in the business you know and can rely on. Call me today for a FREE CONSULTATION! I’m here to help.

Matthew Muratori
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