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Giving Your Children a Bright Future

If you are a parent, then you know your giving your children a bright future and caring for them are the top priority in your life. Anything and everything they need, you are there to help them. Basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter are a no brainer but what about the intangibles? Things like college funding, savings plans and even financial coverage should something happen to you, are areas parents often neglect. The need is much higher for single parents as almost 70% of single parents do not carry life insurance. This demographic needs it more than others.

There are many ways to prepare for not only your future, but your children’s future as well. If this has ever been a concern for you, let’s discuss what options you may have. Parent’s who have approached me in the past often feel these sort of planning tools are out of reach. They felt that the prices for plans are too high or they don’t have enough money to put away for the future. They “need to just worry about the day-to-days”. What they found out after a meeting with me is that not only is it affordable, but there are much more ways of attaining their goals then they thought initially. I’ve always been a believer that something is better than nothing. If there was a way to cover even a semester of college by the time they went, along with scholarships (hopefully) and other means of financial aid, then the cost of going to college will be reduced. The burden of being able to care for your child in the event of a premature death can also be alleviated for a very low premium in return for a peace of mind.

To learn more and learn how you can protect yourself or your family, contact me today. I am here to help and want to share my knowledge on these life topics.

Here’s a shocker: Almost 70 % of single parents with children living at home don’t carry life insurance, according to research from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and Genworth Financial.

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