Health Insurance

This page is to explain and give you information on Health Insurance.

Health insurance is becoming more and more complex with new companies coming into the marketplace and such a wide variety of customizable benefit packages.

Every company has a niche for their health insurance products depending on your current situation. The different plans will tailor their price to certain situations such as:

  • Are you coming off a work health insurance plan?
  • Do you have pre existing conditions?
  • Do you have particular doctors you need to keep?
  • Will this health insurance cover me out of state?
  • Are you planning on having a child and in need of maternity coverage?

Health insurance has fully customizable benefits such as Co payments, deductibles, co insurance even prescription drug benefits to name a few . These dollar amounts and coverage limits can be modified in order to build the best health insurance plan for you, your family’s or your company’s budget. The good news is I am here to help.
I will do the research for you to compare price and benefit from different health insurance companies. Typically I offer a good, better, best comparison to make it easier on you.

Please fill out this form if you would like more information, quotes or detailed plan benefits. Even if you have a health insurance plan now, I would advise you to compare your current health insurance coverage to other plans that are being offered. It is best to do this every year as the health insurance companies change the pricing. Everything is constantly being updated to remain competitive in the market place.

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